set for play Perhaps one of the most magical entertainment experiences of all is to be found in the theatre.

Arguably the start of all audience entertainment, theatre has stood the test of time, but can sometimes need a technological helping hand.

Whether you need a full rig or just to supplement the existing rig in the theatre, C&S has the solution.

dance theatre - Generic lights: fresnels, profiles, flood lights, parcans
- Full range of intelligent lights
- Follow spots, mirror balls, smoke machines, haze machines, strobes
- Sound systems tailored to your needs and venue requirements
- Screens, projectors and full audio visual support
- Flats, stairs, stage podiums and other set pieces

dancers on stage C&S understands theatre as an industry and have staff members experienced in designing and running theatre productions.

Our technicians and equipment will create the perfect scene or seamlessly suplement existing equipment.

We have strong relationships with Artscape, the Baxter theatre, the Little theatre, Theatre on the Bay and many other venues known for theatre and cabaret.
dance theatre
"We greatly appreciated you hands-on approach and it was truly a pleasure working with you"
- Angela Harpur