event support

"I found your team to be highly professional in both your technical skills and in 

meeting the client's demands.

I also commend you for the great condition of your gear and your 

unconditional back-up support which I needed at the eleventh hour." 

- Vaughn Marti

In addition to our sound, lighting, staging and audiovisual equipment and services, we also offer generators, transportation and operation of equipment on road shows countrywide and across borders.

This enables extensive campaigns in different locations and venues, while ensuring the consistent quality of your show or event.
Outdoor set up with truck
                        and generator

“None of it would have been possible without your help.

Thank you for looking after us again in such a giving way” 
– Mark Wilson 

                        Opening ceremony There is no need to use different suppliers for lighting, sound, staging or audiovisual.

This eliminates paperwork and extra time which would be spent on coordinating different suppliers, times and schedules leaving you free to get back to other priorities while you can rest assured that from a technical aspect, your event is in capable hands.

C&S supplies all technical equipment and services as well as support needed for all types of functions and events.

Contact us now for a complete technical solution!