For a complete and unforgettable sensory experience at any event, 

excellent sound is vital!

Jazz Festival 2009
Yamaha M7 and outdoor rig
DJ equipment
Manhattans - Jazz fest
Gospel band
At C&S we pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment, service and final sound we deliver.

C&S will supply sound systems tailored to your needs. We stock the necessary equipment, speakers and a variety of microphones and can supply everything from a small, one-microphone sound system to a full range outdoor sound system suited for concerts and large sporting events.

We offer the leading brands in the world:
d&b audiotechnik
-  Yamaha
-  Nexo
-  JBL

d&b audiotechnik is widely regarded as the world’s leading brand in PA systems.

C&S is proud to have d&b as our flag ship sound system and have the e-series, q-series and j-series available.

Not only does our d&b sound system give unsurpassed quality of sound and perfect tones, but the rig is worked out with specialized software to give full coverage of the whole venue without drop outs or hot spots.

No matter the size of the venue or the audience, everybody will have an exceptional aural experience.

We also stock a full range of outboard processing equipment from compressors and equalisers to effects units and DSPs.

We also offer a wide selection of digital mixing consoles (like the Yamaha M7CL for example), which have all the effects and processing built into the desk.

Looking for DJ equipment?
Our Pioneer CDJ’s and professional turn tables and DJ mixers will leave any DJ smiling!

C&S has a full range of microphones for every conceivable purpose:
A single microphone for a conference or full band kit complete with instrumental and vocal mics and everything in between, we will make sure you are heard – loud and clear!

" The sound provided was spectacular and undeniably added to an atmosphere that exceeded all excpectations"

- University of Stellenbosch Carnaval Commitee