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Lighting technology has been changing swiftly over the past few years and C&S has ensured that it stays on the forefront of new advances and technology. 

This has enabled us to offer the latest and best state-of the-art equipment to suit the individual needs of our clients. 

C&S offers the full range of lighting equipment and control for any event imaginable! 

Gospel skouspel Intelligent lighting:
Our moving heads are turning heads!

We have an extensive intelligent lighting inventory ranging from basic scanners to the most sophisticated and powerful fixtures.

With the control desks and experienced technicians and operators to match we will make your vision a reality!
Generic lighting:
Parcans have always traditionally formed the backbone of any lighting rig.

C&S have both regular and LED parcans to suit every occasion. Other generic lighting include fresnels, profiles and floods.

These can be put to use very effectively in any corporate or event setting for general, ambient or static lighting.
                        and stage
corporate launch Lighting effects and accessories:
- Smoke machines
- Haze machines
- Follow spots
- Mirror balls
- Disco lights
- UV lights
- Metal halide floods

Whether you require ambient lighting for a romantic garden wedding or an explosion of colour and light to launch your product, C&S will provide the equipment, control desks and trained, creative operators to ensure an unforgettable visual experience.

"Your great ideas, high standard of work and unlimited amounts of passion helped us deliver the best possible event and ensured that many people had the night of their lives."
- Dillon Jearey