Staging & structures

Our staging and structures department boasts a large inventory including stage podiums, dance floors, ground support systems, trussing and other structures like lecterns, scaffolding and risers.

multi level stage

Awards ceremony
C&S can build stages and event structures to just about any size, configuration and height.

Indoor or outdoor: on the beach, in a school hall, or even half in water, we will build it anywhere and for your specific purpose.

Stages are built from modular podiums or decks that can be used in a multitude of combinations, levels and angles.

Stage structures are safe and sturdy and complimented by stairs and safety railings where needed.

Stages are painted and professionally finished of with skirting (material surround) or hard facing.

Corporate function

All structures are approved and certified by structural engineers when required.

Because of health and safety issues becoming more apparent worldwide in our industry, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our equipment meets the safety specifications as laid out by our governing body (TPSA).

Large indoor party

With our Prolyte aluminium trussing and ground support systems we can create any structures required for audio, lighting and video suspension and/or support.

It has exceptional strength, stability and an easy, quick and reliable connection system.
Structures are created using combinations of different lengths of trussing and connecting corners.

truss upright

: a simple but striking structure comprising a length of truss mounted on a base plate. These can be placed anywhere on stage or at a venue.
Onto these totems various lights and audio visual equipment can be attached.
They are very versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Goal Post structures consist of truss assembled together in the shape of a goal post and can be made in various sizes.
Goal posts can be used for various purposes to hang lights, speakers and audio visual equipment. They are mainly used at the back of stages, over stages and front of house.

ground support

Ground Support
is a truss structure with two or more points and is hoisted using electrical motors. This structure has various uses such as to hang screens, lighting, audio visual and sound equipment.

As the name suggests the structure is supported from the ground and not dependant on overhead structures in the venue like roof beams.
In many venues trussing can be hung from the venue roof structure which frees up floor space for dinner tables or chairs for the audience.

roof structure

The MPT Roof Structure is a roof system, based on a ground support truss system, available in sizes from 60m2 to 200m2.

A triangular pitched roof structure is created from back to front of the main grid covered with a canopy and lifted up and down the towers of truss using electrical motors.

These are just some of the structures C&S can provide. Others include exhibition stand structures, trussing screens and suspension incorporated into the event venue.