concerts & shows

Entertainment is an essential part of any event, if not the whole reason for having the event in the first place!

Concerts and shows can be part of a larger function or stand alone as an event by itself.

“Your team was extremely outstanding and everyone played a vital part in the success of the event.”
– Carly Wilson
Johnny Clegg concert

We have worked with countless performers over the years. C&S understands artists and are sensitive to the performer’s needs while still focusing on audience enjoyment and giving full commitment to a perfect show.

Whether it is a corporate theatre piece as part of a conference or an international artist or band – C&S has the experience and equipment to take care of all your needs.
dance show

 - Bands
 - Magicians
 - Corporate theatre
 - Dance shows
 - Circus performances
 - Comedians
 - Musicians
 - Musical theatre
 - Solo artists
 - Instrumental performances
solo performance

“Thank you for all your support
and hard work that contributed to
making Saturday the success
that it was”
 – Wendy Sherrin
casting crowns concert