fashion shows

Glitz, glamour and gorgeous models! 

We don’t design the clothes, but we will show it off perfectly.

The fashion ramp:
T-ramps, straight ramps or a combination.
Ramps at an angle or at different levels.
Stairs, platforms and reveal entrances.
- All built to your specifications and design.

The fashion lighting:
Photographers and cameramen love working with C&S, because we understand their needs and give the best lights for photos and filming, while still keeping it exciting and spectacular for the live audience.

Fashion show
The sound:
Set the mood and give it attitude!
Never worry about drop outs or false starts.
Our experienced operators will not skip a beat!

The AV:
- Projectors and screens or plasma / LCD
- Show the designers with their designs
- Show close-ups of the action with a live camera feed
- Display the company or sponsor’s logo in style
School fashion show

The Accessories:

Add some wow with intelligent lighting, smoke machines, UV and follow spots or even stunning pyrotechnics.

"I would like to thank you and your team for all your energy, effort and professionalism in making our event such a success"
- Carly Wilson
                        fashion showcase